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I only met Dan Didio once about 15 or so years ago. He laughed at the way I drew Wonder Woman's boots.
He was right!

On shelves today: CRIMES OF PASSION #1 from @DCComics, a Valentine's Day antho with stories by a Who's Who of the comic biz. Huge honor for me to have a story in here, and to work w the art team of @PaulFry1138, Mark Farmer, and @JeromyCox. #comics #Arrow #GreenArrow #BlackCanary

DC Nation@thedcnation

"Oliver and Dinah represent two people who know how lucky they are to have found each other"—@PhillipKJohnson

The Last God writer takes on one of DC's most iconic romances in DC Crimes of Passion #1, and @screenrant has a preview and interview:

Dinah and Ollie for DC: Crimes of Passion. Out Feb. 5!!

God I’ve missed #BlackCanary and #GreenArrow🏹 so much. So great to have them back 🥺❤️ @PhillipKJohnson @PaulFry1138 @JeromyCox

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